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first breath

In 2008 -K- (voc, bass) and -M- (voc, guitars) decided to set their burning souls free and founded ARROGANZ. In the dirty depths of Cottbus, Germany, they undertook -L- for drumming and started up to exhale their infernal visions.

In 2009 ARROGANZ began to record their first audio ritual entitled "Burning Souls" (3-track EP) with the new drummer -T-. This piece of Heavy Blackened Death Metal was released in April 2010 via Blacksmith Records and got throughout excellent reviews.


In the following they decided to sign with Blacksmith Records and played amongst others at Dark Funeral - A Declaration of Hate Tour, Szczecin Metal Meeting, Gahlen Moscht Open Air and Wolfszeit Festival.

In August 2010 ARROGANZ invaded The Dark Depths Of Cottbus Studios to record their Debut-Album "Dark And Deathless", which has been released in April 2011. ARROGANZ joined the Death Infernal Tour of Swedish Death Metal masters DEMONICAL in May 2011.


After a successful European tour and a bunch of festival gigs and club shows ARROGANZ started writing new material in late 2011. The year 2012 began with a small three-days-tour in January, which was followed by Gahlen Moscht-Warmup-Tour and several club shows.

Intense rehearsals and sessions ended up in the horror of „kaos.kult.kreation“. In late July ARROGANZ entered The Dark Depths Of Cottbus Studios again, to record this Death Metal blasphemy.

„kaos.kult.kreation was revealed at 13/03/2013. -M- left the band and -P- was recruited.

to end the trilogy

ARROGANZ signed with German label FDA Rekotz to end their first trilogy.
Several club and festival shows were played (Party.San 2014 etc.).

The final album of the first blasphemous series was given the name “Tod&Teufel”. Showing again unseen sinister aspects of ARROGANZ art, it was released at 14/11/2014.

In 2015 ARROGANZ released the split-EP “Sermon Of Ungodly Dreams” with Lifeless, Obscure Infinity and Reckless Manslaughter via Supreme Chaos Records.

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